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“Being an educator requires more than knowing the content you are to teach.  You need a heart for people and a love of kids.”

Every decision made for schools should be anchored in the question; “What is best for the students we serve?”

“If this job were easy, more people would do it.  But it is not.  It is something you must work at daily because the lives of the young people you serve are depending on you. Literally!”



Seeking to understand the individual needs and goals of the organization. 


Engaging in honest and transparent dialogue about organization systems and structures.



Negotiating levels of change with the organization that focus on shifting to responsive, equitable practices.



Sharing best practices as organizations seek to disrupt and transform the current status quo.


Embrace diversity and uniqueness of each organization.

the visionary

Dr. Antoinette Pearson has been an educator for 25+ years. She is the author of Truth Transforms Education: A Framework for New School Leaders and currently is an educational consultant.   As a consultant, she has supported several districts and school leaders across the country by examining how their systems, practices, and resources are creating equitable learning environments for all stakeholders. Her desire to be a change agent in education, to provide fair and equity opportunities for learning is her prime motivation, in every capacity she has worked. Dr. Pearson’s believes that educating our children requires a united effort between school, home and community. She is dedicated to ensuring that every day, in every school, all children will experience effective, rigorous and innovative instruction in respectful and positive centers of excellence.

common vision

Shared Passion

A passion for equity is evident in every fiber of Dr. Pearson’s being. It is on display in her participation as a special consultant, providing training to district leaders and staff in the area of cultural proficiency throughout the United States.

The context of truth, equity, and genuine collaboration represents the foundation of Dr. Pearson’s professional beliefs.  She believes that the educating of our children requires a united effort between home, school, and community. She is dedicated her life to ensuring that  in every school, every day all children experience effective, rigorous, and innovative instruction in respectful and positive centers of excellence.

For her there is no higher call and no greater passion than vigorously pursuing her inner purpose of service to the community at larger through her global commitment to the development and support of the future of leaders in education.

The common sense approach is administered through the following service offerings:

  • Professional Learning
  • Leadership Coaching and Development
  • Organizational Quality Assurance Reviews (Secular and Religious)
  • Improvement Planning

We look forward to the opportunity to serve as conduits to your growth as the education leaders of the future.

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Common SENSE empowers organizations to become strong, equitable communities of learners and leaders through assessing organizational systems, facilitating learning opportunities and improvement planning.


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